WE WILL RETURN 22 AUGUST. You can register any time through 21 August.  Use "Add Code" 0525 (non-credit), 0482 (1 credit), or 0513 (3 credit). Why not do it NOW? Here is a direct link to  WEBREG.

Our first Fall Unit will focus on the Late Renaissance and Reformation (1520-1600). By May 2024, we will have completed our journey from pre-historic times to the present.



President's Corner (May 04 2023)

                More Frivolity and Learning Combined!

Remember those silly TV ads for Spearmint Gum - two twins saying, "two (noise) "two" (noise) "two gums in one"? But the best part was the singing, "Double your pleasure, double your fun", and that's what the Gentrain Society hopes to do for you. Forgive my love of culture growing up with this silly ad, but then that's a big part of our enjoyment of our members - sharing our experiences.

The fun and frivolity start on May 11, Wednesday, after our Gentrain class, at the Sam Karas Room next to the library. From 11:00 - 1:00 we will offer quiche, sweets and drinks for free! It's our Welcome Summer party, and we'd love to share it with you.

The learning is two-part:  our free Wednesday lectures on the first and third Wednesday of every month during the summer, and a Gentrain class on Tuesday and Thursday beginning in August, which continues Gentrain's scope of the development of Western civilization through the modern day with our four fantasctic professors:  Dr. Alan Haffa, Dr. Tom Logan, Dr. Madsen Gamble, and Dr. Stephanie Spoto. I am organizing a lecture to help with MPC class registration with WebReg so that everyone can sign up for class on-line without a problem.

An finally, if you'd like to know everything about us, please join us as a member and receive our newsletter, The Conductor, with a lot more in the wings!

Email me if you have any questions or comments:  mbpwriter@gmail.com

Respectfully submitted,


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