Gentrain Course Registration

  Online Registration for Spring 2023 Gentrain has begun. Use the directions below. Note: If you wait until class starts, you will need to get an 'add code' from Dr Haffa.

How to Register for Non-Credit Gentrain in Spring 2023

Note: Registration at MPC is now ONLINE!. The directions below will assist you in registering ONLINE for Gentrain in Spring 2023. Go to the Webreg site,  and sign in using your MPC ID number (9 digits) and your PIN. Go to Add/Drop/Register, select Spring 2023, Section number 0253. Help is available from the Admissions Office. Telephone: (831) 646-4002/4007 Hours: Monday-Thursday 8:00 am - 6:00 pm; Friday 8:00 am - 12:00 pm

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General Information

MPC offers four four-week Gentrain courses in the Fall Semester and four four-week courses in the Spring Semester. Each week of class requires four hours of attendance, Tuesday and Thursday 8:45-11:00 in LF 103 (see MPC Campus Map). Classes may be taken for non-credit or for credit. One semester unit of credit is earned for each four-week class, and three units of credit are earned for each twelve-week class.
Students who wish to attend "for credit" should refer to the Spring 2023 MPC catalogue. In any case, come to the Gentrain class for a visit, and if you want to stay, you can get help to register.

Attendence Procedures

Please be sure to check your name on the appropriate (credit/non-credit) attendance sheet at every class section. 

Grading Options

At the credit level, Gentrain may be taken either for Letter Grade or for Credit/No Credit. Requirements are the same for both.

Letter Grade
The student will take a 32-question objective examination at the end of the two-week class and write an out-of-class essay (4-6 pages) in response to questions designed to evaluate the student's comprehension of material treated in the class. The essay will be due on the Tuesday following the objective exam. The objective exams will be graded as follows: 29-32 correct = A; 26-28 = 8; 22-25 = C; 19-21 = D. The objective exam grade and the essay grade will be averaged to arrive at the final grade for the class (for the 20 series, three objective exams and three essay grades will be so averaged).

Credit/No Credit
As indicated, requirements are the same for credit/no credit as for letter grade. A student must achieve at least a grade of 'C' as his/her final course grade to achieve a grade of 'Credit.'

Some Important Reminders


Gentrain at the 400 Level
Since no credits are earned, there are no specific requirements for Gentrain at the 400 level beyond attendance. No units of credit are awarded, and courses do not appear on the student's transcript.