Gentrain Scholarship Fund

The Gentrain Society Scholarship Committee is chaired by Vikki Logan and includes Linda Cruzan, Rene Kimzey and Lyndy Bullock.

The success of the program speaks for itself. From 1991 through 2021 we have given over $420,750 (need update) to 425 deserving students, $14,000 this year to the deserving students listed below. Many thanks to all of those who have served on the Scholarship Committee.

How about making a gift to the Scholarship Fund yourself? To get started send an email to The Scholarship Committee.

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Gentrain Society Scholarship winners  

2022-2023  ...  Scholarship Winners ($1,000 each):

Here's a video of the MPC Scholarship Ceremony

BCHARA, KHLOUD (Early Childhood Education)
BENITEZ BONNE, CARLOS, (Engineering) In memory of Chuck Kimzey
CLEM, LILLY, (Biological Science) In memory of Jack and Isalene Sedan
ESTRADA, LUZ MARIE (paralegal and Spanish Translator)
FERNANDEZ, , MARLAINA, (Nursing) In memory of Lynn Swerrie
FISH, HAILEY (nursing)
OLVERA, ANGELICA MARIA, (early childhood education) In memory of Anne Flynn
RILEY, EMMA, (Marine Science)
RYAN, TREVOR, (Certified Financial Planner) In memory of Jack and Isalene Sedan
SACKS, ALLISON (Psychology)

Total awarded this year, $13,000

Total awarded since 1991, $415,750