Files and Hyperlinks Alan Haffa Has Uploaded:


AAAShakespeare’s Tempest.pptx
Dialogue Unit 4B Empire and Religion.pdf
French and English Renaissance Poetry OUTLINE.pdf
French and English Renaissance Poetry.pdf
French and English Renaissance Poetry.pptx
Humanism dialogue 2015.pdf
Milton 2011.pdf
Milton 2011.ppt
Montaigne Dialogue Reading.pdf
Ovids New Epic 2012.pdf
Rabelais and Humanism OUTLINE.pdf
Rabelais and Humanism.pdf
Rabelais and Humanism.pptx
Roman Novel and Satire of the Empire 2013.pdf
Seneca Drama.pdf
Shakespeares Tempest OUTLINE.pdf
Shakespeares Tempest.pdf
Ursula Le Guin.pdf
1984 and Animal Farm.pdf
5 Issues about Feminism Unit 15 Dialogue Supplement.pdf
Adam Smith, Andrew Carnegie, John Rawls and Occupy Movement.pdf
Adam Smith, Andrew Carnegie, John Rawls and Occupy Movement.pptx
Aeschulus 2014 printable outline.pdf
All Quiet on the Western Front 2014.pdf
All Quiet on the Western Front Printable Outline.pdf
Animal Farm 2012.pdf
Animal Farm 2012.pptx
Aphra Behn Oroonoko.pdf
Apuleius and Golden Ass 2014.pdf
Apuleius and Golden Ass Printable Outline.pdf
Aquinas and Beauty.pdf
are we rome.tif
Ariosto 2015.pdf
Article on Foucault and Historiography.pdf
Baroque Music of Bach 2013.pdf
Baroque Velazquez.pdf
Battlefield Supplication in the Iliad 2014 update.pdf
Battlefield Supplication in the Iliad.pdf
Baudelaire 2012 pdf.pdf
Beethoven 2011.pdf
Beethoven 2011.pptx
Beethoven Printable Outline.pdf
Beowulf 2013.pdf
Beowulf 2015.pdf
Beowulf edited 2009.pptx
Beowulf Printable Outline.pdf
Bible as Literature 2012.pdf
Boccaccio 2013.pdf
Brief Survey of Post-Modern Literature 2016.pdf
Brief Survey of Post-Modern Literature.pptx
Byzantine Literature 2013.pdf
Byzantine Literature 2017.pdf
Cannery Row 2014 Printable Outline.pdf
Cannery Row 2014.pdf
Castiglione’s Courtier 2013.pdf
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and Streetcar Named Desire 2014.pdf
Catch 22 and Post Modernism.pdf
Celtic Literature 2015.pdf
Celtic Literature Outline.pdf
Charles Darwin and The Origin of Species Printable Outline.pdf
Charles Darwin and The Origin of Species.pdf
Chaucer 2013.pdf
Chaucer 2015.pdf
Chaucer Printable Outline.pdf
Classical Music Mozart 2011.pdf
Confessions of Felix Krull draft.pdf
Confessions of Felix Krull draft.pptx
Courtier 2013.pdf
Daniel Defoes Robinson Crusoe 2011.pdf
Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe 2013.pdf
Dante 2013.pdf
Dante 2017.pdf
Darwin and The Origin of Species.pdf
Darwin Biography.pdf
Darwin Outline.pdf
Dialogue Gent 14.pdf
Dialogue Handout on Absolute Monarchy.pdf
Dialogue New Deal Unit 14.docx
Dialogue New Deal Unit 14.pdf
Dialogue on Apology quotes.pdf
Dialogue on Christianity and the Roman Empire.pdf
Dialogue on Imperialism 2014.pdf
Dialogue on Revolution and Reaction 2013.pdf
Dialogue on Revolution and Reaction.pdf
Dialogue on Unit 12 Isms Printable.pdf
Dialogue on Unit 12 Isms.pdf
Dialogue on Unit 9 2015.pdf
Dialogue on Unit 9.docx
Dialogue Unit 13 on Imperialism.pdf
Dialogue Unit 15 Feminism.pdf
Dialogue Unit 2 2014.pdf
Dialogue Unit 412 handout.pdf
Dialogue Unit 4B Empire and Religion.docx
Dialogue Unit 5 Women in Medieval.pdf
Dialogue Women in Islam.docx
Dialogue Women in Islam.pdf
Diderot and Encyclopedia.pdf
Diderot Outline.pdf
Egyptian Literature and Poetry Printable pdf.pdf
Egyptian Literature and Poetry.pdf
English Romanticism 2011.pdf
English Romanticism 2013.pdf
English Romanticism 2015.pdf
English Romanticism Printable Outline.pdf
English Romanticism Printable Outline.rtf
Epic of Gilgamesh 2012.pdf
Epic of Gilgamesh Printable Outline.pdf
Ernest Hemingway 2014 Outline.pdf
Ernest Hemingway 2014.pdf
Euripides Bacchai Printable Outline.pdf
Example of music from manuscript.JPG
Frankenstein Lecture.pdf
Franklin and Jefferson as Enlightenment Thinkers.pdf
French 17th century Drama 2011.pdf
French 17th century Drama 2013.pdf
French Naturalism and birth US art.pdf
Fyodor Dostoyevsky 2018.pdf
Gen Reader 2.1.pdf
Gent 10 dialogue 2017.pdf
Gent 10 Dialogue Philosophy of History.pdf
Gent 4 Reader.pdf
Gent 4.1 images.pdf
Gent 4.2 Reader.pdf
Gent 4.3 Reader.pdf
Gent 4.4 Reader.pdf
Gent 4.5 Reader.pdf
Gent 4.6 Reader.pdf
Gent 4.7 Reader.pdf
Gent 6 2019 dialogue.docx.pdf
Gent 6 Dialogue 2015.pdf
Gent 7 Reader Maps.pdf
Gent Reader 2.2.pdf
Gent Reader 2.3.pdf
Gent Reader 2.4.pdf
Gent Reader 2.5.pdf
Gent Reader 2.6.pdf
Gent Reader 2.7.pdf
Gent Reader 3 Art Keywords.pdf
Gent Reader 3.1 Table of Contents.pdf
Gent Reader 3.1.pdf
Gent Reader 3.2.pdf
Gent Reader 3.3.pdf
Gent Reader 3.4.pdf
Gent Reader 3.5.pdf
Gent Reader 3.6.pdf
Gent Reader 4.6.pdf
Gent Reader 5.1 pages 1 to 9.pdf
Gent Reader 5.2 10 to 19.pdf
Gent Reader 5.3 20 to 31.pdf
Gent Reader 5.4 32 to 43.pdf
Gent Reader 5.5 44 to 51.pdf
Gent Reader 5.6 52 to 61.pdf
Gent Reader 6.1 Maps and Timeline.pdf
Gent Reader 6.2 Pages 1 to 10.pdf
Gent Reader 6.3 Pages 11-20.pdf
Gent Reader 6.4 Pages 21-30.pdf
Gent Reader 6.5 Pages 31 to 38.pdf
Gent Reader 6.6 Pages 39 to 46.pdf
Gent Reader 6.7 Pages 47 to 60.pdf
Gent Reader 7.1 1 to 5.pdf
Gent Reader 7.2 6 to 11.pdf
Gent Reader 7.3.pdf
Gent Reader 7.4.pdf
Gent Reader 7.5.pdf
Gent Reader 7.6.pdf
Gent Reader 7.7.pdf
Gentrain - Week 11 - Unit 4 -Stoicism-1.pdf
Gentrain Dialogue GENT 11 2019.pdf
Gentrain Dialogue on Revolution and Reaction 2015.pdf
Gentrain Dialogue.pdf
Gentrain Society Shakespeare Sonnets shortened.pdf
Gentrain Unit 9 The Leviathan of Thomas Hobbes handout.docx
Gentrain Unit 9 Thomas Hobbes and the Leviathan.pdf
George Orwell 1984.pdf
German Romanticism 2013.pdf
German Romanticism Outline 2013.pdf
German Romanticism.ppt
Goethe and Mozart 2017.pdf
Greek Lyric 2014.pdf
Greek Oratory 2012.pdf
Greek Oratory 2016.pdf
Greek Oratory printable outline.pdf
Greek Tragedy II Sophocles Antigone 2012.pdf
Greek Tragedy Sophocles 2014.pdf
Guest Friends and Beggars in the Odyssey.pdf
Handel 2013 pdf.pdf
Handout for Dialogue on Unit 10.pdf
Heart of Darkness 2012.pdf
Heart of Darkness Printable Outline.pdf
hildegard von bingen 2013.pdf
Hobbes Outline.pdf
Homeric Question 2012.pdf
Homers Heroes 2012.pdf
Humanism dialogue 2013.pdf
Icelandic Sagas Edited 2013.pdf
Iliad and characters.pdf
inanna 2012.pdf
inanna 2016.pdf
Inanna 2018.pptx.pdf
Inanna part 2 2018.pdf
Islamic Literature 2013.pdf
James Joyce and Modern Fiction 2012.pdf
James Joyce and Modern Fiction 2012.pptx
James Joyce Printable Outline 2014.pdf
Jazz Music 2012.pdf
Jazz Music Printable Outline.pdf
John Adams 2011.pdf
Kingship and Machiavelli in Shakespeare 2017.pdf
Kinsey 2014 Printable Outline.pdf
Kinsey 2014.pdf
Latin poetry 2012.pdf
Latin poetry 2018.pdf
Latin poetry Printable Outline.pdf
Liberal Tradition II.pdf
Logical Positivsm.pdf
Lope de Vega and Calderon 2011.ppt
Lope de Vega and Calderon.pdf
Madame Bovary and the Realist Novel.pdf
Mann Death in Venice.pdf
Marx PP.pdf
Medieval Universities dialog.pdf
Metaphysical Poets 2011pdf.pdf
Metaphysical Poets 2013.pdf
Mills On Liberty.pdf
Milton 2013.pdf
Moby Dick 2012.pdf
Modernist Poetry Pre-WW II 2012.pdf
Modernist Poetry Pre-WW II 2012.pptx
Modernity _ Postmodernity.pdf
Montaigne Dialogue Reading 2013.pdf
Montaigne Dialogue Reading edited.docx
Montaigne Dialogue Reading.docx
Neo-Classical Art2.pdf
Niccolo Machiavelli 2015.pptx
Nominalism and Universals.pdf
Northern Baroque Art.pdf
Othello 2018.pdf
Ottoman Baroque Art.pdf
Outline for The Canon and Literature.pdf
Outline Francis Bacon.pdf
Outline of Battlefield Supplication in Iliad.pdf
Outline of Post Modern Literature lecture.pdf
Outline of Satyricon lecture.pdf
Outline Plato to Aristotle.pdf
Overview of King Lear 2013.pdf
Ovid 2014.pdf
Philosophical Questions.pdf
Pietas in Vergils Aeneid 2012.pptx
Pietas in Vergils Aeneid.pdf
Plato 1 Stephanie.pdf
plato and aristotle dialogue unit 3.docx
plato and aristotle dialogue unit 3.pdf
Plato and Justice.pdf
Poetic Edda and Norse Gods.pptx
Poetry of Poe, Baudelaire and Robert Browning Printable Outline.pdf
Poetry of Poe, Baudelaire and Robert Browning.pdf
Post Modernism printable outline.pdf
Post-Modernism Dialogue.pdf
Post_Modern_Literary_Theory 2012 revised.pdf
Printable Handout on Handel.pdf
Printable Lecture outline for Kipling.docx
Printable Lecture outline for Kipling.pdf
Printable Outline Baroque Music of Bach.pdf
Printable Outline Baroque Music of Bach.rtf
Printable Outline for Ovid lecture.pdf
Printable Outline of Galen Lecture.pdf
Printable Outline of Robinson Crusoe.pdf
Printable Outline of Sophocles lecture.pdf
Printable Outline of Strangers and Beggars in the Bible.pdf
Printable Outline of Thomas Mann Death in Venice Lecture.pdf
Printable Outline Oroonoko Lecture.pdf
Printable Outline Scientific Advances of the 17th and 18th Centuries.pdf
Prudentius Psychomachia and Christian Allegory 2013.pdf
Prudentius Psychomachia Printable Outline.pdf
Rabelais and Humanism 2013.pdf
Race in Tempest and Othello 2017.pdf
Religion and Mysticism.pdf
Renissance.docx. (2).pdf
Robinson Crusoe 2013.pdf
Roccoco and Versailles1.pdf
Rock N Roll 2012.pdf
Rock N Roll 2016.pdf
Roman Comedy 2016.pdf
Roman Empire dialogue quotes.pdf
Roman Legends 2018.pdf
Roman Legends and Roman Values 2012.pdf
Roman Legends and Roman Values 2012.pptx
Roman Legends and Roman Values 2014.pdf
Roman Legends and Roman Values 2018.pptx
Roman Legends Outline 2014.pdf
Romanticism 2011.pdf
Rudyard Kipling and Imperialism.pdf
Sappho 2012.pdf
Scientific Advances of the 17th and 18th Centuries.pdf
Seneca Drama Lecture.pdf
Seneca Drama Printable.pdf
Seneca’ Drama.pdf
Shakespeare Comedies 2015.pdf
Shakespeare Comedies Shrew and Winter Tale.pdf
Shakespeares Hamlet 2011.pdf
Shakespeares Tragedy 2015.pdf
Sigmund Freud 2012.pdf
Song of Roland 2013.pdf
Spanish Picaresque 2017.pdf
Strangers and Beggars in the Bible.pdf
The Federalist Papers 2015.pdf
The Feminist Critique of Science .pdf
The Liberal Tradition.pdf
The Rise of the English Novel updated.pdf
The Rise of the English Novel.ppt
Thomas Aquinas part 1.pptx
Thomas Aquinas Part One.pdf
Tolstoy 2012.pdf
Tolstoy Resurrection 2018.pdf
Troubador Poetry 2013.pdf
Victorian Poetry 2012.pdf
Villon French Poetry 2015.pdf
Villon French Poetry.pdf
Walt Whitman 2014.pdf
Walt Whitman Printable Outline.pdf
What is Free Will and Ockham.pdf
What to know for Exam 15.pdf
Woolf and Modernism.pdf
Yeats and Pound 2016.pdf
GENT 13 Max Weber.pdf
Ernest Hemingway Haffa.pdf
Rock and Roll and the 1980s.pdf
The Federalist Papers 2010.pptx
Romantic Poetry 2021.pdf